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Presenting : the Ferrari Mondial T "Barn Find" in Rosso Corsa #91280

A fantastic and rare Mondial 3.4 uncovered in Wallonia (that is in Belgium :-)


*** Work in progress - update July 17th, 2018 ***


What's the story?

After the previous owner crashed it some time ago, this '94 Mondial 3.4 was stored under a cover outside. A couple of months ago, I got in touch with the previous owner and together we agreed that repairing the car would be the best choice for this wonderful car that only has 32.000 km. It was in too good condition to part it out and the decision was taken to restore it to its full glory in cooperation with Officina Valenti (for bodywork and engine)


The repair

Because we have all the parts available, starting the repair was rather easy and just a matter of workforce availability. Both front wings, front bumper, frames, lights, grills, hood and a bunch of smaller parts were used for the repair, making the car 100% complete again. Next is servicing the engine and brakes. Bodywork is now finished and the car looks amazing!


Servicing the car

The car shop has started a full engine-out overhaul: next to a major service, they are checking compression (turned out to be excellent), rebuilding the rear brakes, checking the clutch, testing the fuel pumps, etc... This will have ended by the end of July


Next things to do

Once the major service is done, we will check the electrical systems and detail the interior: treat the leather with some products and give it a good polishing job. The windshield is cracked and will be replaced too.


History of the car

The Although the VIN number indicates that the car was built in 1992, it only went to its first owner in 1994. It may have been a demo car at the Francorchamps Ferrari dealer at that time. In Belgium it has had at least 2 owners so far and was serviced by Francorchamps. A couple of years ago, it was crashed with (easily repairable) damage at the front but was never repaired and stored under a very good cover, keeping it safe from rain and wind.


Your help is welcome

I am looking for extra information on the car regarding its service history and past ownerships, so if you happen to know interesting information of the car or know of someone who could help me with this, please let me know.


Special thanks to

- My fellow Ferrarichat members and friends for encouraging me during the work

- Officina Valenti for repairing the front and for servicing the car and make it road worthy again.

- And finally: my family for encouraging me while rebuilding the car




Help with the restoration of your car

Because we have a huge stock of spare parts for the Mondial and the technical knowledge and experience I have in rebuilding these cars, I have all knowlegde and parts to help you rebuilding your own car. If interested, please enquire what I can mean for your project.






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