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Blank Foldable Key for the 348, Testarossa, 400, F40 and Mondial range


This is a remanufactured version of the old foldable key, matches the original to 99%.


The only difference is that it doesn't show the 'SIPEF' logo at the top of the hinge, very difficult to detect that.


Folds very nicely, holds the small ball to 'click' the foldable part in position and keep it there.



It is available in the webshop here


Part nr 62158800 and 62158700 Switches fixing plate for the 348


These are remanufactured to match the originals by 100%. Hold the switches very well, clips into the inner door panel like the originals.


We have them for both the pilot and passenger's door.



The 3-switch holder is available in the webshop here


The 1-switch holder is available in the webshop here


Ferrari Mondial rear thermic window


Download english installation manual


- The remanufactured windows measure 100% the same as the original and fit the entire Mondial range : 8, Quattrovalvole, 3.2 and the T.

- We offer 2 possibilities: a window without Wolfram heating and a version with.

- Protected against delamination !


Without heating available in the webshop here and with heating available here


We have already fitted a remanufactured window and it matches 100 %

You can find pictures here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here


Plastic cover for the gauges of the Mondial range


These are the black covers that surround the gauges in the dashboards of the Mondials. Reproduced in black plastic.


These are only available in the correct size in our shop ! Click here for a detailed picture.



The price is

- 35 euro for a big one (speedometer and odometer)

- 25 euro for a small one (pressure and temperature gauges)

Price excluding shipping cost.


Part nr 61059100 Cassette Panel


These fit the Mondial and 348 ranges. Made in black plastic.


The price is 115 euro per set of 3

Price excluding VAT and shipping cost.


High quality Ferrari remanufactured fuse boxes for a variety of Ferrari models


Download English installation manual

Download French installation manual

*** Available again from May 2019 ***


We are the distributor of remanufactured handmade fuse box motherboards for Ferrari cars. These are made in Belgium and hold high quality materials from the USA, Switzerland and Belgium. They have all passed an elaborate quality verification process and are of much better quality than the standard Ferrari OEM fuse box boards made in the 80's and 90's. These boards will withstand the test of time much better than the original ones and will guarantee many years of fun with your precious classic car.


We offer remanufactured fuse box boards for:


  • Ferrari 328 GTB / GTS and GTB Turbo
  • Ferrari Mondial 8, QV, 3.2 and T
  • Ferrari 400 and 412
  • Ferrari F40 (LM) and 288 GTO
  • Ferrari Testarossa, TR and 512TR
  • Ferrari 456(M)


Manufacturing process:


  1. 2mm thick board gets drilled with all holes in exactly the same location as a standard board.
  2. All connectors get attached to the board together with all electric wiring, now making use of bigger 2-pin plugs instead of the thin single-pin plugs on OEM boards. During this process, all connections are continuously put to the test.
  3. The board gets protected with an anti-static insulating varnish against dirt and corrosion.
  4. The board passes a final quality check before being packed and shipped to a happy customer.


Technical specifications:


  • Board has a thickness of 2 mm (DIN norm EN 60893 / DIN 7735 Phenolic sheet) instead of 1.5mm OEM
  • Connectors made in Switzerland and the USA
  • Wiring is VOB 2.5 mm2 (VOBBL2,5R) insulated electric wire from Vinckier (Belgium) CEBEC conform. Maximum throughput: 500 V X 25 A, that is 12 V until 1000 A
  • All soldering done with high temperature silver/tin/lead alloy solder.


These remanufactured fusebox boards have exactly the same dimensions and lay-out as the OEM boxes and all relays and fuses will fit 100%. The sale includes the motherboard and female connectors to put on the wires. NOT included are fuses and relays. Fits the new style fuses and relays.


Our motherboards have already been fitted into many Ferrari's around the globe !


We are selling these motherboards at 700 euro each, including the female connectors to put on the cables.

Price excluding shipping cost.



Rubber seals for the Mondial 8, Quattrovalvole and 3.2


This is a set of extremely hard to find rubber seals for the clutch. It fits perfectly in the master and slave cylinders, precisely the size you need.


These are only available in the correct size in our shop ! Click here for a detailed picture.



The price is 35 euro per set of 3 (1 for the slave and 2 for the master)

Price excluding VAT and shipping cost.


Plastic guides for the Mondial sunroofs


These plastic pieces fit over the metal guide plates of Ferrari Mondial 8, QV, 3.2 and T sunroofs.

Because these parts are no longer available and we were in need of some, I had these remanufactured.

They are for parts:

60963500 Front guide plate (2)

60963600 Rear left guide plate (1)

60963700 Rear right guide plate (1)

60913600 Mobile Traverse (2)

Same dimensions, fit perfectly. These are stronger than the original light plastic ones. Have a look at the pictures here, here, here, here and here


The price is 135 euro per set of 4 (2 medium and 2 small ones) and 175 euro for a full set (2 big, 2 medium and 2 small ones)

Price excluding VAT and shipping cost.

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