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Presenting the Red Bay Ferrari Classics Weekend 2018

Date : June 16th and 17th


For the first time, Red Bay organised a touristic weekend for its friends, customers and other Ferrari owners in the Ardennes (Belgium) during the weekend of the 16th and 17th of June this year. This was combined with a full day visit to the yearly SpaItalia event on the legendary race track of Francorchamps.


The tour has been a great experience for all participants, for some the first time they drove on a race track. We have driven on the most beautiful Belgian roads and visited wonderful places with fantastic scenery. Weather was variable with sun, clouds and some rain, but that's what the Ardennes are known for :-)


These are the places we have visited during the tour during the weekend:















Château de Modave


The meeting point on Saturday morning was this wonderful castle where we enjoyed a breakfast buffet. All participants arrived in time and cars were inspected and discussed extensively :) . It was an awesome collection of 9 classic Ferraris: 6 Mondials (QV's, 3.2 and T), Testarossa, F355 and a more recent 488 in a one-off light green color owned by an Instagram celebrity.


The castle itself can be visited, they offer guided tours and next to that hotel and catering services. It is hosted by very kind people. We were offered an awesome breakfast buffet! It lies next to a natural reserve and many hiking trails start from there. Great to visit with the entire family!


More info on their website


Baraque de Fraiture


After 50km of driving on many of the most beautiful winding roads in Europa and surrounded by nature, we arrived at the Baraque de Fraiture. This is one of the highest places in Belgium next to the Baraque Michel and Signal de Botrange (694m above sea level) where we stopped for half an hour and had a drink and a quick bite.


Abbey of Stavelot


After a wonderful drive of 28km we paid a visit to the abbey of Stavelot where the museum of the Francorchamps race track is located in the basement. The collection hosts a small but important display of race cars (about 25) and bikes, which changes on a regular basis because the cars are still being driven on tracks and during other historic race events.


For all information on this exhibition and other collections in the abbey visit their website.


Château de Reinhardstein


This truly is one of the most enchanting hidden gems of Belgium. After a short walk from the secured parking area down to the castle, we followed a guided tour on the history of this wonderful fairylike castle, initially built around 1354 by the Weismes family and being owned by the noble families Nesselrode, Nassau and Schwartzenberg. Renovation started in 1969 after it was acquired by Belgian professor J. Overloop. Today, the castle is one of the most picturesque in Europe and comes straight out of a fairytale. Extremely enchanting and very charming castle.


While visiting, we witnessed a fairytale wedding with a bride and groom receiving an awesome wedding present: a pristine Ferrari 430!


Absolutely worth visiting, all info on their website.


SpaItalia on the Francorchamps race track


This is a 1-day event that focusses on all Italian sports cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Abarth, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and all other exotics that have Italian pedigree. Next to that, DUCATI owners are also well represented and can enjoy a drive on the track too.


"When organising the SpaItalia in 2014, DG Sport wants to celebrate the whole of Italy. On top of a feast for Italian cars and motorcycles, the Italian way of life will be honoured.". Present are hundreds of sports cars (70 Ferraris on average), which unfortunately results in a very slow 'parade' on the race track, unless you book a drive during a 'session' (without a pace car and requiring a mounted tow hook and helmet).


Visit the site of this yearly event here

Many thanks to R. Jones, S. Lauwers, K. Van Cauwenbergh, M. Van Thor and B. Everaerts for these pictures

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