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Presenting : the Ferrari Mondial T "Barn Find" in Rosso Corsa #91280

A fantastic and rare Mondial 3.4  uncovered in Wallonia (that is in Belgium :-) 

*** Restoration work has ended - November 19th, 2018 ***

What's the story?

After it was  crashed somewhere around 2015, this '94 Mondial 3.4 was stored under a cover outside in a garden. Early 2018, I got in touch with the previous owner and bought the wreckage. The guy had some pictures of the car before the accident and it was clear that a restoration would be the best choice for this wonderful car that only had a bit less than 32.000 km at the time I discovered it.

History of the car

The full history has been found and all matching documents are now  present! The car was initially sold and delivered in Catania, Sicily, Italy to a lady.  She sold it to the second owner in Italy, who relocated to Belgium a couple of years later. Around 2006, the car was sold to its 3d owner, a person in Pepinster, Belgium and finally in 2018 to me.

The repair

It soon became clear that many more things needed to be changed than initially estimated. Here is a list of the main things  that happened during the restoration:

Front bodywork: because we have all the parts available, starting the front repair was rather easy and just a matter of workforce availability. The windscreen has been replaced by a brand new one. Both front wings, front bumper, frames, lights, grills, hood and a bunch of smaller parts  were used for the repair, making the car 100% complete again.  Work performed by Carrozzeria Valenti.

Engine and gearbox service: a very extensive engine service at Officina Valenti has been performed, replacing all hoses, gaskets, filters, oil, clutch, fuel lines, some ignition electrical components and much more! The engine appeared to be in very good and healthy condition, confirmed by a compression test that showed a very healthy engine.

Cooling and heating: the entire cooling and heating system has been overhauled and we replaced  all cooling tubes, installed a new radiator, the central heating/cooling block behind the dashboard and many more smaller components in the system like sensors and switches.

Brakes: the disks have been replaced and the calipers rebuilt. Next to that, the brake control pump and hydraulic system have been replaced too with spares in good working order. All flexibles have been replaced too.

Electrics:  major overhaul with a new fusebox and many other electrical components like some replacement switches, new lid solenoids, pop-up motors for the front lights, door lock motors, heating/cooling console switches, and so on...

Interior: re-dyed the door panels, dashboard and center console, cleansed and treated all other leather and vinyl with specialised products, detailed to perfection.

Soft top: cleansed the top and transparent window, replaced some of the push knobs for fixing the tonneau cover, rebuilt the latches and repaired the failing rear window assemblies.

This must be the biggest restoration of a Mondial T cabrio ever done. All work and parts are documented on paper, including a full report on the period of 6 months  that this restoration took.  No expense has been avoided, this car is now very close to new and drives just like it came out of the factory!

Special thanks to

- My fellow Ferrarichat members and friends for encouraging me during the work

- Officina Valenti for repairing the front and for servicing the car and make it road worthy again.

- And finally: my family for encouraging me while rebuilding the car

Help with the restoration of your car

Because we have a huge stock of spare parts for the Mondial and the technical knowledge and experience I have in rebuilding these cars, I have all knowlegde and parts to help you rebuilding your own car. If interested, please enquire what I can mean for your project.

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