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Ferrari 550 Maranello engine type F133A V12

Specifications: V12 DOHC engine of type F133A, engine number 55658 coming from chassis ZFFZR49B000118267, a blue LHD Maranello that was delivered by Pozzi in France. The car had approximately 35000km when the engine was removed. This engine is known to experts as one of the most reliable Ferrari engines ever made!

Some engineering companies built racing versions based on the F133A engine, without any support from the Ferrari factory. Those engines were used in various 550 GT racecars, most notably the Prodrive-developed 550 GTS who took many victories in the FIA GT Championship, the European Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

History: the donor car suffered some damage in 2007 on the front right side and because 550's were not that expensive 2nd hand at that time and parts were very expensive, the French owner from Nice decided to sell the car to Scuderia Maranello in Charleroi, Belgium. This belgian company, known for its very extensive expertise on Ferrari cars and more specifically, mr Michaux, bought the car for its parts. The idea was to put the V12 engine in one of the racing prototypes they produced which had proven to be even faster than the Ferrari racing cars. Later on, the builders changed their minds and decided to put a new V8 Ferrari engine in it for reasons of power to weight ratio. So, this engine was never placed in any other car so far.

Condition: Scuderia Maranello has performed an extensive service on it in 2015. All consumables have been replaced including new oil filters, new gaskets, belts, etc... The cylinder heads have been repainted and the belt covers too. The engine is in very healthy condition, ready to be transplanted into another 456/550/575 or other race car or prototype. This is a truly magnificent engine, a true piece of art.

Shipping: You can pick it up in Belgium, or we can have it shipped all around the world with the services of our partner, Gosselin Group Worldwide.


Electronic Control Station 550 Part nr 162683

BOSCH 0 261 204 186 units, both available and in good working order. Extremely hard to come by.

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Detailed picture here

Gear Selector Grill Part nr 167127

Very nice condition, ready to be used.

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Detailed picture here

Gear Shifter Assembly Complete

This includes the turret and all internal parts to make the shifter work, including the electronic switch for reverse. In excellent condition ! Includes the wooden gasket underneath too !

Fits the 456 models too

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Detailed pictures here, here and here

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