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What do we offer?

Our company trades in spare parts for Ferrari classic cars. We focus on the cars of the 80's, 90's and 2000's. You will find an overview of the parts we are selling on our parts pages. These are either new (NOS), second hand from spare parts cars or newly produced following original specifications.

A list of available parts is displayed by car type. Keep in mind that many parts are interchangeable among different models, so please look at the other model pages too. Feel free to enquire if you can't find specific parts on this page. We are also looking for parts, so if you have things to sell, all enquiries and offers are welcome through our contact page.

What's our approach ?

We have many authentic Ferrari parts in stock and we are clear about what we have or not.

We take the time to help you in finding the correct part you need and send extra pictures on request.

WYSIWYG : What you see is what you get , we show you the actual items that will be delivered to you.

This all at a highly competitive price

and we are open to offers !

How to search for a part

You can search for parts on our site in three ways :

Ferrari model pages

In the "Spare Parts" menu at the top of the screen you can click the model for which you are looking for parts to get a list on the model page subdivided into categories such as suspension, bodywork, exhaust system, electronics and more. Each part is linked to the webshop.

The webshop

In our webshop page all parts are displayed according to a certain sorting order that you can change. You can also select a certain model as a category to find all parts for this model. You can create your order on our webshop and pay with credit card or other payment method.

Part lookup page

On this page you can enter an article number or part of a description in the search field to find the correct part. The result shows both links to the model pages and to the webshop.

If you still cannot find the correct part, you can always contact us via email, Whatsapp or by telephone on the number displayed at the top of the page.

The latest news

A first timer in our workshop: a crashed Ferrari F430

that has been disassembled.

We have acquired an important set

of Ferrari 512BBi body and interior parts. These

will be added to the webshop soon.

A Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Cabrio has just

entered our workshop. Parts will become available soon.

Our first Ferrari 512TR donor car has been parted

out in our workshop and all items added to the webshop

Here is a snapshot of the latest webshop additions


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