Presenting : the Red Bay Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole in Oro Chiaro #42625 - 1 of only 3 worldwide !

The most beautiful Mondial in the world !

(subject to discussion :-)

The story of the rebuild of the golden Mondial has appeared  in a couple of magazines this summer!

What's the story?

During a visit to Germany in 2016, I came across this car. It was dirty from standing outside under a party tent and was painted in red, like most of the Ferraris (see pictures below). The car looked OK and most of the parts were still in good condition, so I decided to buy it for parts. The engine and transmission of the car had been removed before as this was often the case in the old days, probably to serve as a backup engine for another Mondial.

Some days later, the car was delivered in my workshop and I inspected it with my friend Jurgen. We opened up the trunk and noticed the color code sticker was still there. I bought it as 'just another red Mondial' and didn't bother looking at the paint code. To our great surprise, the sticker showed "Oro Chiaro FER 103/C", a color that is extremely rare for a Ferrari ! Removing the interior door panels confirmed this: a very nice original gold color was visible and looked absolutely amazing!

My friends at Ferrarichat found out that this is one of only 3 Mondial QV's in that color ever made in Maranello and 3 was the minimum production number for a color to be factory original.

Some days later, I took the decision not to part out the car, but to have it fully repainted and restored. This was the start of an amazing adventure that took about a year and required a lot of time, effort and a big budget. The restoration has become one of the nicest to date, especially for a Mondial, still considered the low entry Ferrari model.

The restoration

Prior to the paint job, all body parts were removed including the full interior and the windows. I had the brake calipers rebuilt and finished in the standard color: gold!  The revised suspension came off a RHD Mondial  that I once parted out, after its previous owner gave up the rebuilt.

Then, at the paint shop (ACC in Tielt-Winge), the car was stripped from its 5 (!!!) layers of red and 1 original layer of gold paint and surface rust was removed here and there, confirming my impression that the body and car in general were still in a very good condition. There even was no rust under the doors!

The paint job was performed by ACC and is just perfect! I compared the color with the authentic Glasurit color cards and the match is 100%. After the paint job was finished, I started reassembling the car and installed the remanufactured rear window: a perfect fit!

These actions have been performed in the past 12 months: replacement brake master cylinder installed and tested - brake calipers rebuilt  - new set of Michelin TRX tyres installed - wheels powder coated - bumpers and side moldings repainted -  full body repaint - all lights rebuilt - new rear window fitted - engine rebuilt, major service and transmission installed  - brake discs calibrated - all electrics checked - window lifting motors rebuilt - door locks rebuilt - all dashboard instrument checked and fixed speedometer and rev counter - leather interior refurbished - new exhaust placed - new spare wheel belt installed - all door and bonnet rubbers replaced - main switch repaired - window wipers rebuilt - horns replaced - hand brake cable replaced - engine tuned and brakes, suspension and lights adjusted to pass MOT. 

History of the car

The car was ordered in June 1981 and the production only ended in June 1982, probably because of the upgrade from the Mondial 8 to the Mondial QV type. Initially, the car was delivered to an unknown owner in Switzerland and changed hands a couple of times until it was sold by the last Swiss owner to a dealer.  In  February 2016, the car was imported in Baden-Württemberg, Germany  and the engine and transmission were removed. Then , it went to a dealer some months later and purchased by me in April 2016. Thanks to Ferrari Classiche, I got hold of all color information.

Your help is welcome

I am looking for  extra information on the car regarding its service history and past ownerships, so if you happen to know interesting information of the car or know of someone who could help me with this, please let me know.

Extra information

- mygoldenmondial blog holding the step by step rebuilt and description of most actions undertaken

- The restauration blog in Ferrarichat called "Goldfinger" with many responses from fellow Mondial owners

Special thanks to

- Guido T for assisting me with his enormous technical wisdom

- My fellow Ferrarichat members and friends for encouraging me during the work

- ACC for performing the most awesome paintjob I have ever seen!

- Officina Valenti for rebuilding the engine and checking up the last things before MOT

- And finally: my family for encouraging me while rebuilding the car

Help with the restoration of your car

Because I have a huge stock of spare parts for the Mondial and the technical knowledge and experience I have in rebuilding these cars, I have all knowledge and parts to help you rebuilding your own car. If interested, please enquire what I can mean for your project.